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Automobile Industry

Industry Background

In the increasingly competition in the automotive industry, to reduce costs and increase efficiency through informationization has become an important strategy. For modern automobile enterprises, the focus of management lies in quick response to customer’s order needs, accurate and reasonable production schedule and accurate cost control. The automobile industry users are changing to relying on mobile application, mobile OA, mobile EMS, mobile ERP, mobile CRM, mobile SCM, mobile BPM, mobile BI and mobile video conference. How to build an enterprise mobile information security and find the news opportunity brought by mobile informationization? It is an important problem which is needed to be solved by automobile industry users in the process of informationization.


Requirements of Industry

  • Mobile documents processing – to issue notice and announcement, approval, to apply for using automobiles, electronic signature and circulation on mobile phones and tablets PC;
  • Mobile production process management – realize mobile management for purchasing information, production schedule, material preparation, inventory, shipments and logistics management;
  • Mobile information collection - using PDA device and barcode technology to improve the efficiency of information collection and quality management level; Enterprise’s order data, clients and other information can be collected and stored timely to improve the instantaneity and availability of information;
  • Other mobile functions - Mobile meeting management, business trip management, customized mobile applications of enterprise (establishment of enterprise mobile store)

Our Solution

With the solution of Poly Miwin’s MOC foundation platform architecture, it provides the users not only with complete security management solution for mobile device but also with nified standards and management platform for mobile application management and development. It can provide future mobile applications with unified development platform, unified management interface and unified security accountability, so it is a real mobile application and operation center. It helps users to adapt the trend of rapid development of future mobile application quickly and keep pace with the development of times and technology.

Our Advantages

  • There is no need to purchase additional hardware and software; it can be used directly without deployment;
  • The simplified management reduced the burden of administrators.
  • There is no need to maintain and consider system upgrade, extension, transfer and other problems;
  • Meet cusomter’s flexible requirements for division of management architecture;
  • Centralized SaaS Cloud Center provides the users with stable use and access environment. No matter where the monitoring site is located in, the access can be stable and at high speed.

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