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Smart City

Industry Background

With the fast development of the mobile Internet, mobile internet is becoming one of the foundation platforms and important service in modern smart city. By using intelligent mobile devices, people can work anywhere at any time conveniently, greatly improve the work efficiency and make full use of the employee's work time. In addition, it is in line with the concept of “Smart City” in continuous development and construction. Therefore, building a mobile informatization unified platform will promote the construction of city informatization to a new round of climax; meanwhile, it provides a new opportunity for speeding up economic construction and smart city development.

Application of Mobile Technology in Smart City

Our Solution:

Our Advantages

  • Entirely self-owned intellectual property rights
  • The only EMM vendor based on SaaS Infrastructure in China
  • Providing MOC mobile application operation management center platform
  • Granulated device control and management functions
  • Strong data security protection
  • Local adaptation
  • Comprehensive and flexible provision of API and SDK
  • Comprehensive seamless compatibility support for different brand mobile devices
  • UI flexible customization, perfect cost saving, high performance and flexible deployment
  • Free choice and combination of functional module, flexible and strong customization ability
  • Strong local technical support team

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