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Medical Industry

Industry Background

With the development of medical industry, more and more mobile devices and Wi-Fi are used in hospital and more and more medical mobile applications are transferred from doctor's office to patients. The hospital information system is used to monitor all behaviors on the closed loop of information. If some problems occur, they can be positioned directly. At the same time, the reasons for problems can be deduced along the closed information loop, providing powerful analysis for avoiding recurrence of similar problems. With the development of mobile application, wearable medical devices and Internet of Things, mobile medical treatment will become an trend of modern medical development.

Requirements of Industry

  • Demands for internal mobile medical internet
  • Mobile doctor and long-distance consultation
  • Mobile ward-round and mobile nurse
  • Provide Pad devices with unified management
  • Data transmission secure problems when the ambulance is moving
  • Isolation and security of internal and external network data

Our Solution

Our Advantages

  • Mobile medical device management: It ensures that the mobile terminals shall only be used in the hospital specified internet (for example, hospital internal network). And it is prohibited to link the mobile medical devices to both the hospital outside network and international internet. Set and forward security strategy to mobile medical devices from long distance to avoid random theft or misuse of mobile medical devices.
  • Mobile medical application management: It builds a mobile application store for hospital, so that mobile doctor, mobile nurse, mobile ward-round, telemedicine and other mobile Applications can be managed uniformly. It forwards different mobile application to doctors, head of nurse, nurses, pharmacist and other people and provides rapid update and pushing of mobile application. Meanwhile, it can manage the mobile application accurately through Application Blacklist/Whitelist.
  • Mobile medical data management: It allows that such private data as patient information, prescribing information, medical imaging information can be stored, transmitted safely and cannot be checked randomly. Once the mobile device is lost, the device can be locked remotely, the password can be reset remotely and the data can be erased.

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