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Company Introduction

World Changes with You

With the increasing of a large number of smartphones and tablets PC represented by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, powerful smart devices quickly occupied the market of personal communications devices. According to the 35th China Internet Network Development State Statistic Report which was issued by an authority China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in February 2015, by the end of December 2014, the number of mobile phone reached 557,000,000, increased by 56,720,000 compared with that in 2013. Among which, the number of people surfing the internet with mobile phones is increased to 85.8% from 81.0% in 2013. A new science and technology innovation are having more extensive impact to us, including mobile internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc. Through the economic and high performance hardware and easy-to-use interface, people quickly experienced the charm of the mobile internet and hope to use these fashion mobile devices in their work. The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally Enable) entered into people’s vision. It becomes one of the most influential trends and starts to affect the IT construction of each enterprise.

However, for enterprise, how to provide convenient and secure mobile service? How to balance mobile security and user’s experience? These problems have become the new challenges that each enterprise managers are facing. Mobile Internet is not only extension, and even overturn the PC internet. It is changing again the way of people’s study, work, life and entertainment. “People First” will really become a reality with the help of mobile devices. Personnel users are becoming the center of network. The information changes with people. “World Changes with You” is the understanding of mobile internet and also be the vision of Poly Miwin.

Poly Miwin is welcoming the mobile internet and providing the enterprise users with an open platform through SaaS cloud, high extension and strong security protection property. Poly Miwin hopes be able to cooperate with other companies in the industry closely to provide enterprise users with more perfect and more extensive mobile internet ecosystem to promote the rapid change of enterprise to mobile internet, so that the enterprises will gain advantages in future global competition by using the most extensive and the most powerful production tools and solution.

Company Profile

Beijing Poly Miwin Software Co., Ltd. (Poly Miwin), founded in 2010. Poly Miwin is China leading vendor for enterprise mobile information security solutions. Poly Miwin set its headquarters in Beijing, and have branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In order to change leading mobile internet technology to customer’s competitive advantages and business success, we also have Operation Center and R & D Center in Beijing and Harbin “China Cloud Valley”.

Cloud computing based enterprise mobile information security technology is the core of Poly Miwin. We provide the leading mobile internet and cloud computing patented technologies with fully-owned intelligent properties. As a leader in China informationization security, Poly Miwin developed an enterprise mobile information security platform PolyEMM which integrating mobile device security management (MDM), mobile application security management (MAM), mobile content security management (MCM) and mobile e-mail management (MEM) based on SaaS cloud platform, it provide the comprehensive mobile security management strategy and support service for enterprise’s mobile device, application, documents, e-mails and data. Adopting App Wrapping technology, the latest security container can build a secure working area for enterprise mobile devices, realizing secure access to enterprise internal application system and data via mobile devices, and help enterprise to build the most leading and integrated mobile informationization security architecture.

Our Mission: - World Changes with You

Like the changes in people’s life by PC internet a dozen years ago, mobile internet will change people’s study, work, life and entertainment again. The mobile devices make people enjoy various conveniences of the network anytime in any place. Users are becoming the center of network and information will change with you no matter where you are. The mission of Poly Miwin is “World Changes with You”. In the next decade, Poly Miwin hopes to create an ecosystem using more advantaged technology and more flexible business mode, to help enterprises to step into the time of mobile internet rapidly.

Build Secure Enterprise Mobile Internet

The use of a large number of intelligent mobile device and enterprise-level APP make employees’ can access enterprise’s information data anywhere and anytime. Enterprise CIO and CSO need an centralized solution to manage all kinds of mobile device, application and content. With the technology innovation, Poly Miwin will help enterprises quickly improve their competitiveness in the time of mobile internet.

Through Poly Miwin’s enterprise-level mobile management platform, the large-scaled enterprises users as Telecom, insurance, finance, government, education, medicine, logistics, media and energy will enhance the security of their core assets (for example, APP, data and content information) on smart mobile devices while further improve employees’ productivity. Through the simple and easy interface, the users will experience the convenience and security of Poly Miwin’s leading enterprise mobile information security technology.

Excellent Management Team

The management of the company is composed of industry elites who worked as senior managers in large MNC enterprises, such as IBM, McAfee, Oracle and SAP. The R&D Department is a group of young men with rich international vision, and focus on new science and technology to keep the leading position of Poly Miwin’s technology. Poly Miwin can provide customer the continuous and long term products and solutions.

Leading Mobile Security Technology

  • It ranks No.1 China enterprise-level mobile management technologies in IDC China Enterprise Mobility Solution Analysis report.
  • Leading mobile internet and cloud computing patented technologies with fully-owned intellectual property, including App Wrapping, Self-Pushing Service, App Double Protection Mechanism, etc.
  • The multi-tenant-based SaaS Cloud Platform provides security support and flexible deployment, supports public cloud, private cloud and hybrid Cloud.
  • Supports China cryptographic algorithm and commercial cryptographic algorithm.
  • Single log (SSO), in multiple mobile application system, users can access all mutually-trusted application systems only needing to log in for one time, simplify the working process and improve work efficiency.
  • Strong platform integration capacity realizes smooth seamless docking with any platform. Meanwhile, it provides flexible SDK/API interfaces, which are convenient for enterprises’ secondary development.
  • High extension and strong secure protection function.
  • It perfectly supports intranet deployment and intranet distribution.
  • It provides unified management interface and advanced log and report.
  • Industry Coverage

    • Poly Miwin has many customers in the fields of government, police , finance, telecom, medical, education industry, etc.
    • In the year of 2014, six categories with 25 types of products of Poly Miwin, including mobile device security management, security management software, education software, healthy medical software, mobile application and mobile device management software, are successfully included in China Central Purchase. Poly Miwin became the product supplier designated by Central Purchase.
    • Deploy in China National E-Government Extranet Security Access platform.
    • In May 2014, awarded as “2014 Annual Top 10 Excellent Mobile Medical Management Platforms”
    • In September 2014, awarded as “Excellent Company for China Network Security and Informationization”

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