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Enterprise Mobile Information Security

The biggest concern of enterprises about the implementation of BYOD is the security problem. PolyMiWin enterprise mobile information security technology provide a comprehensive security technology for mobile working of enterprise. And enterprises can select and deploy flexibly according to their own security intensity requirements.

Powerful Mobile Security Technology

Mobile Container

With mobile application wrapping technology, it can provide permission control, data protection and encryption, enterprise application/data deletion and other operations for various applications. It can better meet enterprise’s requirements for mobile application security and protect enterprise application and data security.

Enterprise Security Workspace

When employees use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), they shall enter into the secure working area after identity authentication. All enterprise application and data are stored in the secure working area and all operations related to enterprise shall be conducted in the secure working area, which can be completely separated with individual use area.

Mobile Secure Browsing

It restricts users to do some operations like copying, pasting and printing in the browser and can provide forwarding home page, bookmark and setting up blacklist and whitelist and other functions, so as to meet the requirements of enterprise to use mobile browser security.

Global Application Intelligence

It can provide security credit evaluation, classification and assessment for global application and carry out real-time analysis and update the analysis database of more than 250,000 types of global application.

App Wrapping

By wrapping the Apps which are developed by enterprise, it provides the additional security protection for developed application, without changing any native application of users.

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