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Unified Management for Smart Mobile Device

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Enterprise Mobile Information Security Management



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PolyMDM Mobile Device Management

When smartphone, tablet PC and other mobile intelligent terminal combine with people’s life, work and study more and more closely, the management of these mobile devices starts to constantly challenge traditional IT operations and maintenance. In addition to PC and laptop, more mobile terminals need to be included in IT operation and maintenance management. This is not simple “adding” and needs further “integration”. The uniformed, transparent, mass and cross-regional management styles becomes an essential consideration facto. IT Department needs to find new ways to apply the existing strategies and specifications to mobile devices. That’s why we need Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology.


Mobile Device Security

The mobile terminals can be forced to set password and update the password regularly. Remotely erase will be available for the lost or stolen mobile devices. Provide secure OTA deployment and transmission encryption. Implementation unified security policy for enterprise.

Device Management Control

The IT managers of enterprise can manage and control the mobile device functions according to the level of security requirements, including background data synchronization, Auto-lock, camera, Bluetooth, USB storage, USB player, network using time, microphone and wireless network.

Network Limitation

Manage and control the mobile device network, for example, enable and disable of Wi-Fi, the control of SSID whitelist and blacklist, mobile hotspot and other networks.

Mobile Device Location Service

When the mobile phone or tablet PC is lost, the device can be located remotely from the management interface. Meanwhile, the moving trajectory of the device can be provided.

Unified Management Interface

No matter the enterprise adopts BYOD or COPE, or no matter your smartphone is Android, iOS or windows phone 8, and or no matter what version of operation system is used, PolyMDM provides unified visual interface, so that the IT managers can manage the mobile device.

Fast Registration

In order to let a large amount of enterprise users, especially the personnel without IT knowledge to install PolyEMM easily, PolyMDM provides a very simple way, so that the registration of smartphone or tablet PC can be completed after only two simple steps.


The profile of PolyEMM allows enterprise’s IT managers to forward the settings, strategies and limitation from the center to mobile phones or tablets PC. IT managers can forward these profiles based on OS of mobile phones, the department or group of the employee and other conditions.

Real-time Dashboard

The dashboard of PolyMDM will provide the IT managers with real-time list report of device, including type, operation system and device version, whether the mobile phone has jailbreak or ROOT. Also can show the telecom operator and other real-time information.

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