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PolyMCM Mobile Content Management

Employees need to be able to access to enterprise resources at any time in any place to improve working efficiency. However, free document sharing, a large number of social websites and various cloud backup services increased the security risk of enterprise information. Enterprises need a way to improve the security for the content on mobile devices.

PolyMCM can provide enterprise managers with such kind of solution. The enterprise managers can designate which department and person can access to the documents and what kind of documents can be accessed. They can set files’s reading time and opening times. In order to ensure the confidentiality of enterprise documents, these documents are protected with strict encryption method, so they can only be read at PolyEMM’s App, and all contents that people attempting to transmit in any way will become unreadable. PolyMCM also supports cloud backup and restoration of address book and messages of enterprise and individual, and helps employees restore these important information quickly in case the device is lost or replaced, it will help enterprise to reduce the cost and ensure working efficiency.


Document Synchronization

PolyMCM can ensure the employees to access to the latest documents. When IT manages place or update a new document at cloud, employees’ intelligent device will receive an update notice immediately. It will improve the efficiency.

Document Authority

The enterprise can authorize the specified several people or several groups to read the documents based on business needs or strategy needs. It can ensure the timeliness and security for internal communication.

Document Security Management

Because of the use of a large number of intelligent devices, information transmission risk is increased greatly, however, risks of information leakage is also increased, for example, information leakage due to loss of devices, or information leakage due to the device is borrowed and used by others.

PolyMCM can ensure the document be protected through password when it is distributed. The employees need to confirm the password when they are opening the document. So that the internal documents of enterprise and other information will not be read when the device is lost or when the device is borrowed by others.

The setting of document open time and the number of opening further enhanced the security of the document information. If the specified people have read the information under the specified times, they cannot read it again. It ensures the information is read by specified people and the document security is guaranteed.

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