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PolyMAM Enterprise Mobile Application Management

Mobile applications are changing people’s working mode. Today, people require that they are allowed to access the resources of the enterprise via smart mobile devices. Entrepreneurs are trying to allow employees to use mobile App, including the Apps in public Application Store and the self-developed Apps to meet the employees’ requirements for mobile working.

The Apps will be connected to inner-enterprise to access sensitive information, also these Apps have too many distribution channels and sources, IT Department needs to distinguish, identify and define a large amount of Apps, for example, which applications can be used; which must be prohibited; and which kind of Apps can access to enterprise. IT Department shall also be able to provide different types of Apps for managers in different departments and at different levels, even for partners, so as to ensure they can only use the App within their own permissions.

PolyMAM, can help CIO and CSO to handle the above challenges. Using Global Application Intelligence, PolyMAM can carry out real-time analysis for more than 250,000 types of global application and update the analysis database. PolyMAM can instruct employees to download the specified App from enterprise application store and install them; Manage the App in the full lifecircle. App Blacklist/Whitelist helps the IT Department to permit or prohibit the use of App in mobile devices, for example, Email, browser, setup, photos, etc. The latest App Wrapping technology provides additional security protection for the developed application.


Lifecycle Management

PolyMAM allows the enterprises to manage the full lifecycle of App, from purchase and development, to secure distribution, installation tracking and final recycling. The IT Department can observe the use status of App intuitively only from the cloud management interface, for example, the App details on each mobile device; which employees have installed APP specified by enterprise; and which employees have not updated the App as required by enterprise……

Global Application Intelligence (GAI)

Global Apps Intelligence is an intelligent system aiming at global Android Apps, provides security credit evaluation, application classification and application permissions assessment for global application, carries out real-time analysis and updates the analysis database.

APP Wrapping

The App Wrapping technology provides additional security protection for the developed application by wrapping the App developed by enterprises. Using the App Wrapping technology, the security encryption function can be realized without secondary development. This technology also provides data protection for documents within application; it is completely transparent to upper application, without needs of recoding, so it simplifies the coding work.

Enterprise Application Store

In order to let all employees install the APP specified by enterprise, IT managers can place these Apps in Enterprise Application Store. The employees will receive a system notification automatically, they just click to install the App. When the existing App in Enterprise Application Store are updated by IT managers, the employee will immediately receive a message, so as to ensure the employee’s App instantly meets the latest enterprise compliance.

Application Blacklist/Whitelist

Application Blacklist can prohibit the installation of App without enterprise permission on mobile devices. Once an employee installed the App which is listed in App Blacklist on mobile devices, PolyMAM will scan this application and inform the manager. Manager will send a message to the employee, warn and require him unloading this application.

The Application Whitelist only allows employees to use Apps and services specified by enterprises. After starting the Application Whitelist, the Apps not being listed in the Whitelist cannot be installed and ran, it will ensure the Apps on employees’ mobile devices meet the requirements.

Granular APP Pushing

Some specific APPs shall only be installed and used for special department or at specific level. Pushing App without stratification or restriction is not in line with the requirements for enterprise mobile policy and will also bring potential security risk for enterprise. PolyEMM can help the IT Department to push these App granularly. Different departments, individuals and even partners of an enterprise can only download and install App aiming at them. And all the operations can be completed by IT Department by clicking on mouse in a cloud.

Development of Enterprise Self-Used APP

PolyMAM provide the application program interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) which will allow the enterprise to adopt the functional characteristics developed by Poly Miwin. So it can shorten the App developing time and improve the stability of App. Through the use of Poly Miwin’s technology, these Apps can be integrated with PolyEMM at a deeper level and enterprises can manage these Apps on PolyEMM management interface.

Security Sandbox

Poly Miwin Security Sandbox creates a trusted virtual secure working area for users, which can be used to comprehensively separate the enterprises Apps and individual Apps in mobile devices. It will not only ensured the security of enterprise information and data, but also prevented employees’ individual privacy from violating. Employees’ and enterprises’ data and Apps can be separated by using strong data protection function, so as to remove the risk of enterprise data leakage; meanwhile, the data and all kinds of Apps are protected completely by adopting encryption, remote enterprise erasure and other technologies. The security working area will not infringing the privacy of employees and can completely separate individual Apps and enterprise Apps. At the same time, the working area can be installed through enterprise App Store, which reduced daily management burden. Users can realize easy management and deployment by adopting Poly Miwin’s application layer virtualization technology.

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