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Ling Dong Appliance

SMB enterprises need a simple way to manage the intelligent mobile device, while considering the flexibility of these devices when using. Poly Miwin Ling Dong Appliance provides the SMB with a full lifecycle management from device to mobile application and content with the best cost. Ling Dong Appliance allows SMB to manage intelligent mobile devices in shortest time period and builds a solid foundation and strategy for the enterprises.


Zero-install, Preset

Poly Miwin Ling Dong Appliance is a kind of product integrating software and hardware. When the product is delivered, software installation and performance adjustment have been done, so the zero-install makes the devices available after they are powered on. The built-in pre-configuration mode allows the personnel of IT Department to set and forward strategies immediately without complex technical training, so as to manage the intelligent mobile devices at the fastest speed.

High Value

Ling Dong Appliance based on the principle of reducing the overall investment. We provide different types for enterprises to make the enterprises be able to select the product with low cost and high performance according to the actual situation. The perfect integration of end-to-end software and hardware reduced users’ time cost to the maximum extent—from purchase to installation and to debugging.

Full Module

Ling Dong Appliance can carry out full lifecycle management on mobile device, mobile application and content — from purchase to deployment to final recycle. Mobile Device Management Module (PolyMDM) simplifies the management of various mobile devices. Mobile Application Management Module (PolyMAM) helps enterprise managers to buy, distribute, manage and recycle the mobile application (including the mobile application developed by enterprises) effectively. Application Program Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) and other tools allow enterprises to directly use the functional characteristics developed by Poly Miwin, shorten the time to develop their own mobile application and improve the stability. Mobile Content Management Module (PolyMCM) makes it easy for enterprise managers to distribute, manage and protect the content information on mobile devices. The information will not be disclosed when loss, replacement of mobile devices or demission of employees and other situations.

Quick Recovery, One-Stop Service

When enterprises move into the time of mobile informatization, either the system-level or the database-level problems will have great impact on or cause issues to enterprises. The USB flash disk attached randomly provides system-level recovery. Database-level recovery method can recover the latest configuration strategy, so as to minimize the losses due to the unusable mobile devices.

In terms of after-sales service, Ling Dong Appliance can let the enterprise directly enjoy one-stop service from software to hardware, it lower the management difficulties due to different suppliers of software and hardware and different service standards provided by different suppliers.

Fast Registration and Information Collection

“Only two steps are needed for employees to complete the registration of intelligent mobile devices, without the guidance of IT Department. After the device is registered successfully, the strategies specifications, mobile applications and content will be released to the mobile devices automatically by Ling Dong Appliance.

IT managers can collect basic information about mobile devices in management interface and it helps them to have a unified understanding of all intelligent mobile devices of the enterprise.

Multi-Level Management Account

The IT Department can set up a separate management portal for different departments and individuals, who can add, delete, modify and manage the intelligent mobile device, mobile application and content within their permissions in their own service way.

Unified Management Interface

The uniformed management interface of multi-level account guaranteed the same operations conducted by individual and IT Department are consistent. A single management platform integrates three functional modules: Device Management (PolyMDM), Application Management (PolyMAM) and Content Management (PolyMCM). The managers are able to know the status of all mobile devices under their own permissions in only one management interface, and carry out strategy configuration and distribution for mobile device, application and contents in this interface.

Automatic Forwarding of Refined Strategy

Poly Miwin’s Ling Dong Applianc allows IT managers to conduct targeted strategy distribution. This kind of targeted strategy distribution can be conducted under various conditions, such as based on the operation system of mobile phone or base on the department.

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