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Education Industry

Build Smart Campus

Industry Background

With the popularity of a large amount of smartphones and tablets PC by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, educators shall consider how to adopted mobile technology as daily teaching tools, and use them to create interesting subject, grade distribution and track the progress of educators; meanwhile, they can manage the mobile devices effectively. Mobile education and study - A new direction of future modern education.


To build a mobile education platform, people shall face the problem of security management of large quantities of mobile intelligent terminals. IT Department shall face the following four challenges for mobile education:

  • Various equipment: According to statistics, there are about hundreds or a thousand of mobile devices and more new devices will be added. Mobile devices’ access property and system suitability has become the biggest difficulty.
  • Cost: It is complex and time-consuming to manage all mobile devices, including registration, use, exit and other processes necessary for devices.
  • Security: After the mobile devices are connected to education network environment, the secure protection of network environment and effective data secure management is also a big challenge.
  • Content management: How to uniformly distribution the education resources to students’ mobile devices? How to protect the teaching materials used inside schools on mobile devices?

Requirements of Industry

  • Use and management of mobile phone - Prevent students from using phones, taking photos, using Bluetooth, chatting, browsing micro blog, playing games, sending messages and surfing the internet in class.
  • Real-time Location - Allow teachers and parents to catch sight of current location of students. Even though parents are in other places, they can have real-time sight of the specific location of the smart devices held by students.
  • Homework pushing to the students - Students can receive homework and materials sent down by teachers via intelligent devices.
  • Mobile application management - Students are prohibited to use some mobile applications which not suitable for students to ensure that students will use the intelligent devices within effective management requirements.
  • Self secure management - Mobile device management programs shall have the function of anti-unloading, so as to prevent students from deleting intentionally or accidentally and then getting rid of school’s management.

Our Solution

Our Advantages

PolyEMM meets the requirements of schools to build mobile education platform in three area of education, including learning device management (mobile intelligent terminals), education application management (software used for teaching or studying) and education content management (teaching materials, homework and books).

  • Mobile device management - Helping schools and parents to manage and control the use of smartphones or tablets PC reasonably, to ensure that the intelligent devices will be used by students correctly;
  • Education application management - Helping schools to build internal application stores for teaching, working and studying, to maintain internal application uniformly;
  • Education content management - Helping schools to build internal mobile educational service platform, for example, campus E-library, so as to provide comprehensive “mobile education platform” for schools.

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