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PolyEMM Enterprise Mobility Management Platform

Poly Miwin Enterprise Mobility Management Platform PolyEMM allows enterprise’s CIO and CSO to easily manage the employee’s mobile devices around the world, either BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled). PolyEMM support multiple operating systems, the platform includes four major functional modules: Mobile Device Management (PolyMDM), Mobile Application Management (PolyMAM), Mobile Content Management (PolyMCM) and Mobile E-mail Management (PolyMEM).

PolyEMM supports Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Mixed Cloud. It is able to combine with the existing enterprise application deeply, ensure enterprises’ compliance and improve employees’ working efficiency by centralized management, centralized pushing for enterprises’ strategy, information and content. PolyEMM can simplified the way of information transmission, so that the employees can immediately understand the dynamic of the enterprise wherever and whenever.


Unified Management Interface

Single and B/S architecture based management platform integrates three functional modules: device management, application management and content management. The managers are able to know the status of all mobile devices under their own permissions in only one management interface, the managers can also deploy and distribution strategy for mobile device, application and contents in this unified interface.

Asset Management

After PolyEMM App is installed on mobile devices, the basic information of the mobile device will be available on the server, such as the telephone number, IMEI number, device ID, device series number, device type number, system version, memory space, battery consumption, installed App and its version, etc.

Support Multi-Mode Deployment

PolyEMM is based on SaaS cloud architecture and can be deplolyed with flexibility. Large-scale enterprise can build a Private Cloud within the enterprise. The mobile service provider may build a Public Cloud to provide hosting services for SMB enterprises.

Fast Registration

Different enterprise users have different IT skills. In order to allow all employees mobile device to access enterprise network, PolyEMM provides easy and fast installation. Only two steps can finish the registration for smartphone or tablet.

Strategy Configuration

Enterprise IT managers can push the configuration document with setting, strategy and limiting conditions from cloud to emplolyee’s mobile devices.

High Scalability

Single PoD (Point of Deployment) of PolyEMM can support 10,000+ devices; meanwhile, POD can be extended horizontally without limitation, so it can fully meet the explosive growth of enterprise intelligent device in the future.

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