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Insurance Industry

Create Mobile Security Platform, Open a New Opportunity for Insurance

Industry Background

With the increasingly insurance market competition, many insurance companies want to make creative efforts on product, marketing channels and service modes. By the end of 2012, the number of insurance mobile terminals has reached up to 300,000, with life insurance market for 80% and property insurance for 20%.

Mobile insurance will become an trend in the future and will show an explosive growth. Mobile insurance application has involved in many application modules, including professional device, system, channels, and third-party payment platform and core business system. For example, mobile marketing support system, mobile self-service system, mobile virtual counter service system, mobile OA and mobile E-business and other systems. The insurance sales people can carry out business activities by using PAD. The system will realize real-time insurance proposal, buying insurance on site, and other functions, so as to effectively improve business process, reduce costs and enhance the core competitiveness of insurance companies!


  • Low efficiency of traditional business channels
  • Poor experience for traditional business
  • Leaking risks are existed on traditional information security

Requirements of Industry

  • Better return on investment and user experience
  • Information security solution for mobile business
  • Mobile business accuracy, operating costs, win rate and degree of satisfaction, etc.
  • Secure management software is the assistant software, and it shall coordinate with the use of mobile, without affecting the efficiency.
  • Overall operation and maintenance of mobile devices (including deployment, expansion, transfer, strategy, report, etc.)
  • Maintenance process and method of mobile device
  • Minimize responsibility risk of enterprises and individual

Our Solution

Our Advantages

  • Standard mobile business pad lifecycle process management
  • Professional mobile business application data security solution
  • Rich SDK and API, providing deep customization related to mobile business
  • Enterprise-level application store platform and flexible deployment architecture

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