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Banking Industry

Develop New Opportunity for Banks with Mobile innovation


Industry Background

Today, China's consumers consider mobile devices as a basic way to do communication and transaction with financial service institutions. Except for voice communication, up to 85% mobile users use mobile devices to pay bills; 80% of them use such devices to transfer money and 75% of them use such devices to open a new account. Mobile brings superexcellent development opportunities for banks. The banks can create new stream of income, attract new depositors, reduce costs, reduce fraud and promote customer loyalty through providing new products and services, so as to promote market position. Customers can also manage money easily via mobile devices with the help of innovative mobile banking application and service.

The Enterprise Mobile Management Platform (EMM) is providing fast and safe personalized mobile business solutions and playing a unique role. In the time of BYOD, EMM will become an important working platform in financial industry. However, these mobile applications are only the tip of the iceberg; such businesses as bank card loss record, password change, account inquiry, money management application, customer service, fees payment agency and online payment can be dealt with rapidly whenever and wherever possible with the help of mobile intelligent terminal devices supported by EMM.


  • Risks of integrating the existing architecture to the cloud and virtualization
  • Low efficiency of traditional channels and business experience
  • Risk of data leakage exists in traditional information security architecture
  • Mobile application: More and more debugging and upgrading work related to APPs
  • Compliance issues due to Root / Jail Break device

Requirements of Industry

  • Secure protection of customers’ data or important document in the process of businesses via mobile devices. For example, mobile money management and mobile card application
  • Secure the data transmission
  • Encryption and erasure for specified folder on Pad
  • Unified management of many mobile applications
  • Convenient upgrading of App
  • Internal pushing App, without third-party audit

Our Solution

Based on SaaS Cloud Infrastructure, PolyEMM can use hardware resources according to needs and expand dynamically. This platform contains three main functional modules: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). It can control the mobile terminals comprehensively in the aspects of mobile device management, mobile application management, secure compliance policy, etc. Meanwhile, it provides relevant basic service for mobile terminals relying on existing information network devices (for example CA, AD/LDAP/IAM, Exchange, etc.). PolyEMM platform can also provide efficient API and SDK, so as to combine bank’s mobile terminal management with the existing system organically from the perspective of strategic development; meanwhile, it effectively promote the overall management of bank’s information networks under the background of rapid growth of mobile business.

Our Advantages

  • China Local enterprise with government investment
  • Provide bank with dedicated mobile application store and unified mobile application management function;
  • Provide data security encryption function to ensure the security of data on business Pad;
  • More convenient for financial agent with better effects;
  • Customized design of business Pad;
  • Substantial increase of the work efficiency of bank financial agents, improving the overall performance of bank;
  • Easy deployment, centralized management and multi-management;
  • High expansibility, reliability and security;

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