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New Trend for Government


Industry Background

With the development of mobile internet technology, the battlefield of government informationization construction has transformed from traditional PC ends to mobile ends. The mobile informationization not only makes the process of government informationization into a new field but also brings a new round of challenge. According to the statistics of mobile informationization research center, by 2013, among many investigated government agencies, 41.1% of them have been tested and successfully used part of the mobile application systems; about 19% of them are installing for the first time and debugging the mobile application systems; 13% of them deploy plans for mobile application systems for the first time within nearly one year. Mobilization has become a new trend of future government office.

PolyEMM Protect Government Mobile Office


Government mobile informationization mainly focuses on two categories: mobile approval (office) and mobile law enforcement (query). Security and management are new demands of mobile government. Government needs to build a unified security management platform for mobile devices’ security and assets management, automatic distribution and upgrade of mobile application and secure the protection of mobile terminal’s work contents.


The secure access of Poly Miwin mobile device management realized compliance policy management, device security management, mobile application management and mobile content management for mobile devices, so as to ensure the safety of government mobile office comprehensively.


Poly Miwin mobile device management, with information security product sales permit issued by Ministry of Public Security, is developed independently. It has been listed in Central Government Procurement Sites and can provide governmental agencies with safety guarantee and service for mobile office.

Our Solution

    Secure access of compliance strategy: In recent years, the government strives to construct e-government extranet. It ensured the network admittance of devices by means of SSL VPN transmission encryption; however, it has no secure access rules for mobile devices. PolyEMM may form compliance policies for mobile devices, for example, restricting devices’ system edition, prohibiting devices’ Root or jailbreak, necessary application check, etc. Administrators can set to alarm and erase the operational data or conduct other operations for the devices violating the security rules, so as to protect the secure access and control of mobile devices by means of formulating security rules of device.


    Secondary protection for application and Blacklist/Whitelist: PolyEMM can be used to build a unified mobile APP store for government and realize batch pushing to mobile devices and upgrade of office application. For important applications, such as mobile approval and mobile law enforcement, secondary protection is necessary to be conducted. Add gestures password to ensure secondary protection of important application in lost devices. Create application Blacklist/Whitelist strategy based on time scheme. The special devices allocated can be set to only use office applications in office hours, so as to improve the working efficiency of the government and standardize the mobile office image of government, which helps to improve the credibility of government.


    Free message and document pushing mechanism: Government often need frequent distribution of work notices and documents (official documents) to ensure timeliness and accuracy of government works. PolyEMM mobile management can build a free instant messaging platform for government users, which saved expensive short message fees used for issuing work notices in the past; in addition, it can also set up a safety work area for mobile devices which is used for security encryption, pushing and storage of documents and remote erasure of office data in lost devices for the lost device, saving resources and ensuring security of government mobile office to the maximum extent.

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