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A New Generation for Mobile Public Security


Industry Background

By providing police officers with handheld terminals device (for example the mobile phones and PADs), they can inquire population, vehicles, the escaped prisoners and other information based on their permission, so as to maintain, alarm and deal with service information on-site (for example, illegal staff query and scene law enforcement).


It is well-known that public security sector is characterized by strong specialty, high confidentiality, high security requirements and high scientific and technological content, it is also a future trend of police service to build a mobile police service system integrating full police classification businesses (for example, full police classification with the functions of information checking, efficient police information query and real-time dynamic control) through a safe, professional and deep wireless mobile communication software and hardware customization platform. And strict control of mobile police service devices, security reinforce of police application and effective protection of police information become more and more important.

Requirements of Industry


  • How to remedy the police information after the police devices are lost?
  • How to avoid the risk of information leakages?
  • There are a lot of police application, such as identity comparison, information inquiry, scene law enforcement system and customs information auditing system. A single sign-on mechanism for police application is urgently needed.

Our Value

    Police service device management: The management of mobile police device based on police intranet. It supports intranet strategy information forwarding and collection of mobile device information; in addition, it can realize unified assets management and security policy management of law enforcement devices, as well as security audit of logs in all law enforcement devices, so as to guarantee the life-cycle management of police mobile law enforcement devices.


    Management of police service mobile application: When opening the process of mobile application pushing by public security sector, police officers can effectively conduct secondary protection of the police mobile application effectively by inputting gestures password without changing the codes of mobile application.

    The Blacklist/Whitelist-based APP control guarantees the exclusive use of police application more effectively.

    The SSO (single sign-on) function provided by system also makes more unified and convenient use of various police service application.


    Management of police service mobile data: Encrypted storage and encrypted transfer of police service ensured the security of police service data effectively. The biggest security threat to mobile intelligent terminals is loss or stealing of terminals; and the core of mobile device management is visible, controllable and manageable mobile device management. The lost police service device can be locked remotely and the work data or all data on the device can be erased to ensure the security of information, which reduced the risks due to loss of devices.

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